Each event
is unique.

People and their wishes are unique. That's why we make every event an experience like no other. Take a look at the customers and projects for which we have already made a compelling, long-lasting impression.

Lux Impuls anniversary

Target group: 100 customers, business partners and friends of the company

Service: Participant management, location, catering, event technology

How can you celebrate 25 years with a bang? High above the rooftops of Munich! This is how we, a Munich event agency, celebrated our 25th anniversary with clients and friends of the company. After a symposium featuring some top-class panellists, we enjoyed the evening together in a relaxed atmosphere with live music, excellent catering and dancing until the early hours of the morning.

Firmenjubiläum Lux Impuls


Target group: 5,000 employees from car dealerships

Service: Location management, vehicle management, event design, event management, financial controlling.

5,000 participants – 86 event days – 10 locations. We toured the whole of Germany and introduced the participants to new technologies and models. Action, fun and test drives on the one hand – information, knowledge and motivation on the other. An all-round successful event series, which we have now organised as many as five times. Our tasks: Location selection, vehicle management, event design. Of course, our team also accompanied the entire road show on site.

Exclusive evening gala

Target group: 100 high-ranking congress participants

Service: Concept and creation, staging, location management

Traditional folk music, exquisite French catering and opera singers from the Bavarian State Opera in the Stone Hall of the Bavarian Parliament – this was our setup for the exclusive evening gala full of some incredible moments. The market leader for speciality cheese and cheese brands tasked us with the location management, the creative design and the overall organisation of the gala.

Exclusive evening gala

Exclusive evening gala

Congress with evening event

Target group: 150 managing directors and owners from the automotive industry

Service: Location management, event conception, catering, artist booking

In addition to participant management, conception, organisation and coordination of the event, we focused on the topic of "sustainable quality" by designing the content. In various lectures and discussion panels, different perspectives of the topic were highlighted and space was created for dialogue. The day ended with an exclusive evening event at the Alte Oper Frankfurt – with guests experiencing that the future can not only be exciting, but also very relaxing, too.

Congress with evening event

Employee event with evening event

Target group: 1,500 car dealership employees

Service: Location management, participant management, event design, direction and event management, transfer logistics

1,500 participants on 3 event days. For the second time, we designed and organised the event series and ran it as a full-service provider. We delivered a complete event package: participant management, location selection, event management, media design, evening events with exciting game stations as well as the entire transfer logistics for the subsequent visit to the trade fair – all from one source.

Employee event with evening event

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